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Build an Inclusive Culture with Minimal Resources

Is your nonprofit’s culture determined by default or design? Join lifelong entrepreneur Jay Wilkinson, founder of Firespring, to discover how to purposefully create a nonprofit culture that reflects values like diversity, equity and inclusion with minimal resources. By taking simple, actionable steps to improve culture, nonprofits of any size can position themselves to attract and retain the right kind of talent and strengthen their donor base with like-minded, loyal supporters.

Jay has been passionate about crafting his own company’s culture for decades, and now spends time helping nonprofits do the same. In this presentation, he’ll share how a nonprofit can create a culture based on its core values and, in turn, exemplify them through its website and other communications.

• Discover 3 steps to creating a healthy nonprofit culture.
• Learn how to identify your organization’s core values.
• Self-assess your nonprofit’s culture.
• Apply lessons from 5 revealing stats that will improve team engagement.
• Learn from real-world examples of engaging nonprofit cultures.